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    About LangFans and Contact us A Fan of Language 12/12/2020 (Sat) 08:39:13 No. 1
    Contact us: Please leave a message here >>>/about/2 Boards: >>>/0/ Sorting board, All contributors please post here. >>>/1/ To 1 Year Olds Speaking to 1 year olds >>>/2/ To 2 Year Olds Speaking to 2 year olds >>>/3/ To 3 Year Olds Speaking to 3 Year olds >>>/4/ To 4-5 Year Olds Speaking to 4-5 year olds >>>/5/ Kid songs and games >>>/6/ To 6-7 Year Olds Speaking to 6-7 year olds >>>/7/ Languages used by subjects >>>/8/ To 8+ Year Olds Speaking to 8+ year olds >>>/b/ User Service >>>/d/ Deutsche >>>/p/ Public announcement and notice board >>>/r/ English Language Resources About LangFans If you are interested in language learning, you will find this website particularly powerful and helpful. There's no match. You can have your own private board for free. No signup required, no personal info required. The only rules you have to follow are the global rules, which you will find on the "home" page. Contact us here >>>/about/2 .
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    We focus on language teaching before text. School language teachers are welcome only if they teach skills not knowledge.


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