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Free ESL English videos for students who learn English as a second language or foreign language A language enthusiast 10/10/2022 (Mon) 09:49:49 No. 24 [Reply]
There are about 1 billion videos on Youtube. But it's unbelievably hard to find the right ESL videos. (ESL, English as a second language, EFL, English as a foreign language. ) Videos on Youtube are not well categorized/classified for ESL searching. They are not reviewed by ESL teachers either. I did it and share it. All videos are free. It saves ESL teachers a lot of time and makes ESL teaching easy. List of videos we have reviewed and recommend: https://toltoltol.com/v/catalog.html Most of the videos are for "scanning". Students only need to see and have an impression of what language used under what circumstance. Students can also try to imitate/copy if they want. The more videos about the same topic they see, the better they may grasp the language. It's better for ESL students to focus on learning what search engines, translations, dictionaries, articles, news videos, or lectures are unable to provide, e.g. actions, descriptions, feelings, the ways that native speakers express under certain circumstance, listeners' possible interpretations and reactions, social acceptability, etc.. ESL students have to see, hear or even experience or practice the way of life native speakers live and feel to learn them. All ESL students may face the obstacle or interference from their own native language, social norms and values, more words simply don't work.
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ESL school teachers can have a private teaching board for free. You can use the private board to prepare for class, assign homework, share questions and answers among your students, etc., You can create a new thread to start a new topic, and post media files to ask or answer questions. It's easy for students to find the topic they are interested in. ESL school teachers can have a free private teaching board. Send an email to privateboard@airmail.cc to tell us 1. 3 board urls you prefer (e.g. eric22, eric2022, eric23); 2, In what country your schools are located. (Is Youtube blocked there?) When you have an account, you can login here https://toltoltol.com/account.js
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If you can produce short videos for ESL students, or you can provide examples of describing pictures or videos, or you have some good videos to share, please post the links in >>>/q/3 If you want to ask questions, report dead links, or request videos, please post here: https://toltoltol.com/q/catalog.html
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