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    How to make a point Fritz 10/08/2020 (Thu) 02:37:35 No. 95
    for a reason — when your opponent is defeating himself, get out of the way. The conventional idea says that if the 2020 e- is a referendum on T, T loses. If it’s a referendum on B, B loses. Well, then, what we have, with only about four weeks remaining before e- Day, is B and the national media making damn sure 2020 is a referendum on T. B is awful. Terrible person. Terrible candidate. Corrupt to the core. Entire family is corrupt. He’s a honest person. He abuses women. He’s stupid. He’s an old man. An enfeebled old man. Refuses to answer tough questions about fairly important issues like stacking the Supreme Court and killing the Senate filibuster. He’ll be a terrible president. K, a grasping, craven, race-baiting, left-wing extremist who champions and supports political violence. She’ll be even worse. According to the polls, though, B and K are winning, and not by a small margin. They’re running away with it. Could be a m... Could be a Blue Wave. How is an enfeebled old hasbeen beating a patriotic dynamo like T? One way. B and the media appear to have cracked the code to beat T. Works like this… Keep the focus on T and only on T. Turn the T Show into a 24/7 show that screams from every news outlet non-stop from now until e- Day. Meanwhile, you… Hide B. Hide his flaws. Don’t allow him to make news. When he does make news, ignore the news. When he makes mistakes, ignore them. Most of all, allow him to get away with not answering tough questions. In fact, allow him to come right out and say, I won’t answer that question because if I do the answer will become the issue and the issue here is That Man. So B hides and the media lets him, except for when he pokes his head out for softball interviews and softball debates that allow him to look normal and moderate and seasoned compared to the Orange Demon. T isn’t helping. Sorry, he’s just not. Love the guy. Gunna ??? him. He’s not helping. Be nice if he could calm down some. People would like that. He promised he could be a normal president. The C Flu would have been a good time to prove he could be a normal president. Sure be nice if he’d stop flubbing white supremacy questions. Seriously, how nice would that be? Be even nicer still if he could make this deliberate super-focus on him backfire on the media and the B campaign, the ones employing it. You know, take advantage of the focus to win people over. Reassure them. Answer white supremacy questions in a way that makes the media sorry they asked. Caveat for all of the above: if you believe the polls. I kinda do. This isn’t 2016. It’s just not. B isn’t H. He’s just not. T isn’t the 2016 T. He’s just not. Guy has a record now. Polls aren’t what they were in 2016. They’re just not. They’re worse. A lot worse. Worse as in worse for T. B’s consistently close to or over 50 percent pretty much everywhere. H never consistently hugged 50. Polls are worse as in they will have to be much more flawed than they were in 2016 for T to win. I’m not saying it’s over. Not by a long shot. I am saying I’m grateful e- Day isn’t today. Real grateful. Also saying that if the polls are correct, the T Show is killing T. The code to defeating T has been cracked.
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