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    15 Human biology basics everyone should know Fritz 12/23/2020 (Wed) 09:57:22 No. 477
    Our bodies are responsible for thousands of extremely complex and fascinating processes every second. Know these basics of human biology.
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    TYPICAL: Coca-Cola Requires a Valid ID to Attend Its Annual Shareholders Meeting But Disparages Georgia for Mandating an ID When Voting
    It’s not enough to declare that voter-ID laws are honest person. The question is how are they honest person? And the answer boils down to one of two possibilities. Either they doubt the intelligence or the initiative of minority voters or because voter ID laws limit fraud. I am strongly convinced it’s the latter.
    ... act like they have something to hide. Their actions are not normal behaviour for those who have nothing to hide, to be sure.
    State Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto on Bill Which Bans Gender Transition Procedures For Minors
    Rules Are for the Little People
    ... consider it a failure if a man enters politics and doesn’t make himself rich off of the people in the process.
    The ... nonprofit, which is in reality functioning as a weaponized, political tool of the ..., sicced not one, not two, but three ...
    for the first time since 1948, race and gender identity are at the forefront of discussions in the military, rather than readiness and warfighting abilities. Today we are told that “diversity is our strength,” but military experience and history has taught us differently. It taught us that patriotism, competence, comradery, and an indominable spirit are all that matter.
    At no point was race, sex, or gender identity considered. Only competence mattered.
    At no point was race, sex, or gender identity considered. Only competence mattered. Those who graduated pilot training were assigned to aircraft based on performance in training. The first cut was to classify student pilots by Fighter/Attack/Reconnaissance (FAR) and Tanker/Transport/Bomber (TTB). The most skilled were designated FAR. By the end of training, we were assigned aircraft based again on skill, performance, and attitude. The top students typically were assigned fighter aircraft. Those who served in fighter squadrons again faced more merit-based s???s as the best leaders became flight leads capable of leading a basic 2-ship or 4-ship formation. Our briefs and debriefs were led by the most competent among us and rank was left at the door. When examining our performance from training or combat missions, we only respected results.


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