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    15 Human biology basics everyone should know Fritz 12/23/2020 (Wed) 09:57:22 No. 477
    Our bodies are responsible for thousands of extremely complex and fascinating processes every second. Know these basics of human biology.
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    More Hypocrisy the Left Gets Away With Because It’s in Power
    Advanced apprenticeship career pathways to good-paying jobs.
    bailout biggest theft in US
    The Senate Corporate Bailout Package Is a 'Robbery in Progress,' Warn Critics "It's not a bailout for the .... It's a bailout for twelve years of corporate irresponsibility."
    The government doesn't have any money. It is going to have to borrow money to pay for the bailout. In effect, the government is competing against all those businesses for whatever "credit" is available. So how is continued government borrowing and spending going to help the economy? Investors got lazy and didn't do their homework with their investments. Now they're whining about their losses. Let the market bury the losers--that is what a "free market" is for. Isn't it? New competent, savvy investors will arise from the cinders. Time to clean house and get rid of the dead wood. This bail out is designed to look after the alleged "risk takers". I have not been living beyond my means. I did not buy 12 houses to flip, and I certainly did not buy any mortgage-backed securities. So why should I help bail out the dummies. During the 30's a lot of people lost money, but a lot of people made money also. Time to get rid of the old guard. We maybe cutting our noses, but the government and these "investor" thugs are going to cut our throats.
    US Federal Employees Conspiring to Sabotage the no politics Administration
    “... Lost on 79 Million Votes for ... and 68 Million for ...”
    he won 79 million votes to ...’s 68 million votes
    CONFIRMED: THEY WILL DE-PLATFORM SITES BEYOND THEIR CONTROL VIA DNS. What is DNS? When you type a site name, it is meaningless to a computer. Your computer sends the site's name to a DNS server and the DNS server then tells your computer what IP address the site is at, and your computer then accesses that IP address. Having the IP address work correctly has to be set up on purpose. Normally you cannot just hit a site's IP and have it load. This site is an exception. This site's IP address is and when you hit only that number, it still loads the most current page.


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