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    15 Human biology basics everyone should know

    Our bodies are responsible for thousands of extremely complex and fascinating processes every second. Know these basics of human biology.

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    Funny shit

    guy 1: I'd like two packs of cigarettes and this pack of gum please cashier: that will be 5 bucks guy 1: "pays up" cashier: "stays with the cigarettes and gives only gum" now get out of here before I call the police guy 1: why? You just robbed me, it costs 1 dollar cashier: you're underaged, fool, now bye, before I call you mommy and tell her what you were trying to buy

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    Random reading


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    The difference between ... and ... ... vs ...

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    SanDisk USB drives get so hot

    When I pulled one of these sticks out - my finger tip felt like it had touched the metal surface of a boiling kettle !!

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    The German Way

    Wenn Sie eine Armee von 100 Löwen aufbauen und deren Anführer ein Hund ist, sterben die Löwen in jedem Kampf wie ein Hund. Aber wenn Sie eine Armee von 100 Hunden aufbauen und deren Anführer ein Löwe ist, kämpfen alle Hunde wie ein Löwe. Si vous construisez une armée de 100 lions et que leur chef est un chien, dans n'importe quel combat, les lions mourront comme un chien. mais si vous construisez une armée de 100 chiens et que leur chef est un lion, tous les chiens se battront comme un lion. If you build an army of 100 lions and their leader is a dog, in any fight, the lions will die like a dog. But if you build an army of 100 dogs and their leader is a lion, all dogs will fight like a lion. Napoleon Bonaparte

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    It makes contents searchable on one page.

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    Proper use of

    Proper use of Lessons Advice

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    Synonyms can help but they are often not interchangeable. Choose your words carefully.

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    Difference between

    Difference between

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    The people and land

    As we can see, a high GDP per capita does not necessarily imply higher quality of life. For example, Luxembourg has a high GDP, but there are countries such as Canada and Norway which have a higher quality of life. If GDP were good at measuring welfare, then the countries with more GDP per capita would have a better quality of life, which as we can see from the graph is not the case.

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    Crotch or junction/union?

    A bug that stays at a junction/crotch of two tree branches See the light through the junction/crotch of two tree branches?

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    Helpful videos

    What do people usually say when they do something?

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    Matheaufgaben, Mathe Übungen, Arbeitsblätter u.v.m. zum ausdrucken

    Matheaufgaben Klasse 1 bis Klasse 4: Die Lerninhalte Arbeitsblätter 1. Klasse : Einfaches Zählen, Konzentrationsaufgaben und Gedächtnisübungen, Lernspiele, Rechnen bis 20, Zahlenmauern, Rechentürme, Uhrzeiten. Arbeitsblätter 2. Klasse: Rechnen bis 100, Addition, Subtraktion, das Kleine 1x1 Einmaleins, Rechnen mit Zehnerübergang und ohne Zehnerübergang, Uhrzeit lernen, Textaufgaben Arbeitsblätter 3. Klasse: Schriftliches Rechnen bis 1000, Schriftliche Addition, Subtraktion, Multiplikation mit Zehnerübergang, Schriftliche Division, Text- und Sachaufgaben. Arbeitsblätter 4. Klasse: Textaufgaben, schriftliche Multiplikation, Division mit Rest, Geometrie, Maßeinheiten und Größeneinheiten, Rechnen mit Geld, einfache Bruchteile Matheaufgaben Klassse 5 - 10: Die Lerninhalte In der 5. Klasse behandeln wir: Grundrechenarten und Rechenregeln, Bruchrechnung, Rechnen mit Größen, Rechenausdrücke = Terme, Geometrie, Schätzen und Runden, Flächeninhalte berechnen In der 6. Klasse behandeln wir: Dreisatz-, Bruchrechnen, Bruchrechnung und Dezimalzahlen, Rechnen mit negativen Zahlen, Ausklammern und Ausmultiplizieren, Lernspiel rationale Zahlen, Gleichungen und Ungleichungen lösen In der 7. Klasse behandeln wir: Lineare Funktionen, Prozentrechnung, Zinsrechnung, Wahr- scheinlichkeitsrechnung, Terme und Gleichungen lösen, Textaufgaben mit Gleichungen, Dreieck Dreiecksberechnung und geometrische Konstruktionen In der 8. Klasse behandeln wir: Binomische Formeln, Rechnen mit Bruchtermen, Satz des Pythagoras mit Höhensatz und Kathetensatz, Reelle Zahlen und Wurzeln,Potenz- und Wurzelfunktionen, lineare Gleichungssysteme, Strahlensatz

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    How to make a point

    for a reason — when your opponent is defeating himself, get out of the way. The conventional idea says that if the 2020 e- is a referendum on T, T loses. If it’s a referendum on B, B loses. Well, then, what we have, with only about four weeks remaining before e- Day, is B and the national media making damn sure 2020 is a referendum on T. B is awful. Terrible person. Terrible candidate. Corrupt to the core. Entire family is corrupt. He’s a honest person. He abuses women. He’s stupid. He’s an old man. An enfeebled old man. Refuses to answer tough questions about fairly important issues like stacking the Supreme Court and killing the Senate filibuster. He’ll be a terrible president. K, a grasping, craven, race-baiting, left-wing extremist who champions and supports political violence. She’ll be even worse. According to the polls, though, B and K are winning, and not by a small margin. They’re running away with it. Could be a m... Could be a Blue Wave. How is an enfeebled old hasbeen beating a patriotic dynamo like T? One way. B and the media appear to have cracked the code to beat T. Works like this… Keep the focus on T and only on T. Turn the T Show into a 24/7 show that screams from every news outlet non-stop from now until e- Day. Meanwhile, you… Hide B. Hide his flaws. Don’t allow him to make news. When he does make news, ignore the news. When he makes mistakes, ignore them. Most of all, allow him to get away with not answering tough questions. In fact, allow him to come right out and say, I won’t answer that question because if I do the answer will become the issue and the issue here is That Man. So B hides and the media lets him, except for when he pokes his head out for softball interviews and softball debates that allow him to look normal and moderate and seasoned compared to the Orange Demon. T isn’t helping. Sorry, he’s just not. Love the guy. Gunna ??? him. He’s not helping. Be nice if he could calm down some. People would like that. He promised he could be a normal president. The C Flu would have been a good time to prove he could be a normal president. Sure be nice if he’d stop flubbing white supremacy questions. Seriously, how nice would that be? Be even nicer still if he could make this deliberate super-focus on him backfire on the media and the B campaign, the ones employing it. You know, take advantage of the focus to win people over. Reassure them. Answer white supremacy questions in a way that makes the media sorry they asked. Caveat for all of the above: if you believe the polls. I kinda do. This isn’t 2016. It’s just not. B isn’t H. He’s just not. T isn’t the 2016 T. He’s just not. Guy has a record now. Polls aren’t what they were in 2016. They’re just not. They’re worse. A lot worse. Worse as in worse for T. B’s consistently close to or over 50 percent pretty much everywhere. H never consistently hugged 50. Polls are worse as in they will have to be much more flawed than they were in 2016 for T to win. I’m not saying it’s over. Not by a long shot. I am saying I’m grateful e- Day isn’t today. Real grateful. Also saying that if the polls are correct, the T Show is killing T. The code to defeating T has been cracked.

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    His writings keep me awake at night

    I was unable to sleep at night, not scared but unable to stop reading his crime stories.

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    Satires with translations into modern English

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    L contest

    Help people find the one among the many that is slightly different from others. by describing the difference between it and other objects, or its location. The best to say to express what you mean.

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    Crimes, Read and Learn

    About Michael Edward Loftus, Sr. Bio and CV What sets me apart from the run-of-the-mill crime prevention experts is a lifetime of experience starting as a child victim of domestic violence, an adolescent target of pedophiles, a juvenile delinquent criminal, eventually a crime prevention advocate, and finally a faculty member of police training centers teaching crime prevention strategies to veteran law enforcement officers. My bio is my C.V. Note: learn the language, not his opinion.

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    preußische Tugenden

    Aufrichtigkeit Bescheidenheit Ehrlichkeit Fleiß Geradlinigkeit Gerechtigkeitssinn („Suum cuique“ = Jedem das Seine) Gewissenhaftigkeit Ordnungssinn Pflichtbewusstsein Pünktlichkeit Redlichkeit Sauberkeit Sparsamkeit Unbestechlichkeit Zurückhaltung („Mehr sein als scheinen!“) Zielstrebigkeit Zuverlässigkeit